First Concert…

Anytime I have to answer a “secret question” on a log in page, I chuckle at “What was your first concert?”

I grew up in a small Montana town. We didn’t have concerts. We didn’t have much of anything but a JcPenny’s  catalog. The nearest town to go “shopping” for school clothes was 90 miles one way. The next closest shopping hub was Spokane Washington, about 31/2 hours one way. (Note: It is closer now, or the road is straighter, or we just drive faster than our parents did.)

We went to Spokane for just a few things – School Clothes, A Prom Dress, or someone had a doctor’s appointment. But, the time I went to my first concert, it was different.

I was in 8th grade. I was in a dance group – we were the “Uptown Girls”. We went to Spokane to dance for an event. If I remember right, there was a promoter there that we had met in Utah, and they asked us to come dance for an event. All I remember is we were outside…maybe a state fair or something similar. My brain is pretty certain this was when we went to the concert, but with my age, I could be melting several trips together.

Anyhow, my dad drove myself, my sister and a couple friends to Spokane for an Uptown Girls Event. Our parents splurged and we stayed the night at a fancy hotel. I say fancy, because it had a glass elevator. I will remember the name eventually, but right now, I see the elevator. We had just checked into our room, and we were getting all dolled up for the night. Someone planned well, and we had tickets to the show. I’m still not sure who paid for those. It is quite possible they were “gifted” to us for our dance show earlier that day. All I know, I was excited.

Now, here is what I remember about BEFORE the concert: We were in the lobby — myself, Trish and my sister. There may have been others, but that’s all I remember. As we were walking to the elevator to go up to our rooms, we notices some girls with great hair, makeup and sunglasses getting in the glass elevator. We hurried and joined them in the elevator.

Now, this was the beginning of a future of meeting some fantastic musicians. Yes, its true — the band we went to see, and “all girl band” was with us in the elevator! Or, were we with them? Either way, here we were, with nothing but a napkin and a pen. Wait, did we know it was them before we got on the elevator? Were we stalking them and were prepared with a napkin and a hotel pen? Why else did we have those supplies with us. Wow, I think we were trying to find them, and sure enough, they were staying in the same hotel as us! It was fancy, not surprised.

I said, hey, are you Michael? She answered, “Yes”. I said can I get your autograph?  We had them trapped in an elevator. I’m not sure how much of an option they had, three or more 8th/9th graders in an elevator with them. All of them, including Susan, signed the napkin. Wow, we met the band. Our first concert….on the elevator. We werer feeling fabulous.

Curling iron, Aqua Net, Ratting comb — we dolled ourselves up good. We were on the same floor as the band, so we wanted to make sure we looked like Rockstar’s ourselves.

I remember my dad dropping us off at the venue. We navigated to our seats. I’m not sure who opened for them…but I know we all walked like Egyptians. It was a fun filled night. After the show, we met my dad outside. He drove us back to the hotel. We roamed the halls waiting for the band to arrive, as we were thinking we were pretty cool and would meet them, or they would be waiting for us to ask us how we liked the show. . Ya, that didn’t happen . We spend the evening drinking soda and putting on a BLUE FACEMASK and snapping pictures. I now someone has some of those. Please share if you do. Damn, it was a great time.

So in a nutshell that was the show. That was the experience I remember. There were adults there, but all I remember is my dad . They may have all went to the bar in the lobby, because I am not sure where they were. All I know, is it was a fantastic experience and a glimpse to the future many years later.

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