Summer Sale – where did the time go?

Where did all the time go? Is it time to put my GUITAR PICK jewelry on a SUMMER SALE?

Just when the concert season started to come to a close, it erupted again! The hot summer days in Washington State made it tough for me to get out to craft shows. The monthly Skykomish open market will have it’s final summer event on September 12th. What a fantastic way to network with others, and meet some great locals and tourists.

I signed up to do 4 open market days over the 2015 summer. The first open market was a success. I set up my vinyl record guitar pick necklaces along with vinyl record bowls. Those all caught the eyes of passers by. A few young gals picked up a vinyl record necklace that was made from the Moody Blues record. What happened next made my jaw drop! These girls did not even know what a vinyl record was? And who where The Moody Blues? The conversation drew in others as we chuckled at the thought of the youth not understand what an Album is. Anyhow, they purchased a couple of items. My hope is that they shared the story behind the vinyl record necklace with their friends. We cannot lose that history.

The 2nd and 3rd open market , I found myself busy with family. Now, with the 4th and final open market coming up in Skykomish, I am hoping to get together some items to bring up. What a fantastic little community Skykomish is! While at the Open Market, one can walk over to the train depot and get a ride on model train.

Anyhow, I do have a few items up on my Summer Sale! For only $6 you can own a guitar pick necklace with an angel wing. It comes with your choice of a leather or ball and chain necklace. Wear it around your neck, give it as a gift, or put it on your rear view mirror. There are also guitar picks made from vinyl record with charms on a leather chain! With no color added to the pick, the silver colored charm stands out! So head on over, and grab an original piece of jewelry! If you use promo code BLOG15 , you will receive 5% OFF your order!

Ok, I am heading to see Kid Rock tomorrow! Watch for some more music inspired works!

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