Band Merch

Well, it has been a busy week at Bebe Anne Designs! I received a request from a local band to do some necklaces for their Merchandise table. I said SURE! Then the details came in.

A friend of mine has a son in a band called Subject To Downfall. I have been wanting to hear the band play, but never have. Many invites, many opportunities to see Subject to Downfall. So when I got the call, I  was thrilled! And what in the world would a band want me to make for their fans?

I was told to make it simple, with the letters STD on a vinyl record guitar pick necklace. STD? Yes, STD – Subject To Downfall. My mind was trying to figure out how to pull this off. The Merch lady (hahah …she is my friend – but I am going to start calling her the Merch Lady) said she also wanted more. She put her order in for vinyl record guitar pick necklaces with no charm and vinyl record guitar pick necklaces with guitar charms and, of course the STD order.

As soon as we agreed on a price, I had to get busy. You see, it was Sunday night, and the band had a show at El Corazon ON SUNDAY OF NEXT WEEK! Wait, I just looked up the event on facebook — they are opening for Adelita’s Way and Stitched Up Heart!!!! I gave Rick from Adelita’s Way a bracelet I made from vinyl records. He has huge hands, I didn’t thing it would fit! Great band, great people.

So, I began the task at hand. Making Merch was something I thought would always be cool, so here was my opportunity! First, to find out how to get STD on a vinyl record guitar pick. And, did I have enough picks cut to make the order? I looked at my stock, and I realized, I had to get busy and make some picks first!

Picking out which record is hard for me. So many people as “Which record was this from” and I like to have the answer. I keep my vinyl record guitar picks separated by band. A little something to make it more interesting. For this project, I chose Santana and Corey Hart. Not only for the name, but for the awesome thickness of the record. A thinner record is a lot easier to cut, and I had to get this done.

The order went well, and I even had a reorder – In the mean time, I have done Merchandise from vinyl for Like A Storm and for OverKast. But I will save those from another time.


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