Who am I. Superfan

I have been going to  concerts for years. In fact,  I have lost count of how many concerts I have been too. It took me awhile to figure out why I needed this outlet. It was a mix between:

A. Was I trying to avoid something?

B. I was crazy

C. The concerts filled a gap of some sort.

After years of attending any and all concerts, and even taking my children with me, I THINK I figured it out. It was a little of all of  A B and C.

Yes, I was trying to avoid something — the endless routine of life, work, bills and responsibilities. It is a great escape, getting lost in a song, a moment, a venue, a group….

Yes, I admit it, I am a little crazy! I remember a gal at work saying,” which band are you seeing this weekend? ” Not that she would even know who I was talking about! I thought, well, I went to El Corazon last night, and Studio Seven on Tuesday. Music isn’t reserved for just the weekends.

Finally, concerts filled a gap. I realized it wasn’t always the band ,  but the socializing that was needed.

Making friends and networking to share memories. I met my best friend “because of a band”. I will share that story later.

Having a mutual love for a band…its amazing! Just like if you are love golf, kayaking, hiking, or snowboarding. There is an instant common denominator.

I have expanded my love for music into a line of music inspired jewelry. Each piece is individual and unique. Each piece has an inspiration behind it. I hope to share these with you. I have an Etsy Site — www.etsy.com/shop/BebeAnneDesigns

I will also be pulling up some photos from concerts over the years. I’m not attending nearly as often as I use to (Not even close actually). I enjoy taking photos at concerts as a way to journal my night. Once taking 1500 shots at one show, now I am lucky to get 20. I do better at enjoying the music and the people around me.


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