Summer Sale – where did the time go?

Where did all the time go? Is it time to put my GUITAR PICK jewelry on a SUMMER SALE?

Just when the concert season started to come to a close, it erupted again! The hot summer days in Washington State made it tough for me to get out to craft shows. The monthly Skykomish open market will have it’s final summer event on September 12th. What a fantastic way to network with others, and meet some great locals and tourists.

I signed up to do 4 open market days over the 2015 summer. The first open market was a success. I set up my vinyl record guitar pick necklaces along with vinyl record bowls. Those all caught the eyes of passers by. A few young gals picked up a vinyl record necklace that was made from the Moody Blues record. What happened next made my jaw drop! These girls did not even know what a vinyl record was? And who where The Moody Blues? The conversation drew in others as we chuckled at the thought of the youth not understand what an Album is. Anyhow, they purchased a couple of items. My hope is that they shared the story behind the vinyl record necklace with their friends. We cannot lose that history.

The 2nd and 3rd open market , I found myself busy with family. Now, with the 4th and final open market coming up in Skykomish, I am hoping to get together some items to bring up. What a fantastic little community Skykomish is! While at the Open Market, one can walk over to the train depot and get a ride on model train.

Anyhow, I do have a few items up on my Summer Sale! For only $6 you can own a guitar pick necklace with an angel wing. It comes with your choice of a leather or ball and chain necklace. Wear it around your neck, give it as a gift, or put it on your rear view mirror. There are also guitar picks made from vinyl record with charms on a leather chain! With no color added to the pick, the silver colored charm stands out! So head on over, and grab an original piece of jewelry! If you use promo code BLOG15 , you will receive 5% OFF your order!

Ok, I am heading to see Kid Rock tomorrow! Watch for some more music inspired works!

Necklace made from vinyl records going crazy on instagram!

My posts of the necklaces I made from vinyl records are goin g CRAZY on instagram! My first post on instagram was 10 weeks ago. I was a little leary of why I would have an instagram page for a new business. I had questions like “What do I post?” and “how do I know if people are seeing this?” and the “how will this compute into sales?”.

I am still not sure how that is calculated still. But I do know that when I post a new necklace I designed from a vinyl record onto Instagram, my phone immediately starts showing me likes. Even better, those same people start liking some of my other posts.

My smart business social media sister, Blue Egg Photography, introduced me to some key instagram suggestions.

First of all, make sure there is a link to your Bebe Anne Designs Etsy Shop. If people are interested in pricing or in looking at more of your vinyl record jewelry items, you better give them a place to go to. The link, whether Etsy or another website, needs to be easy to find in your description. You cannot repeat this enough!

Second, never ever ever post a picture WITHOUT also adding a link or reference to another social media page, your page, or your etsy page. If you look at my attached photos of vinyl record jewelry, you will see I have watermarked them with my etsy page. At first, I put my facebook page on everything. That was fine to do as long as my goal was to increase my presence on facebook. I found that most facebook users are on instagram for a different reason. Many do not have relatives or parents on their instagram page, so it seems to be a safe zone, or so they think. Oh, I haven’t shared my instagram hyper link yet — INSTAGRAM! (PS go follow me!)

When I first started connecting social media 10 weeks ago, I was at a loss trying to figure out how to get followers. I didn’t want followers I had to pay for, although I have had many offers come up! I wanted followers that enjoyed my style, my product and also inspired me. Hashtags are still HUGE. 99% of the “like” and “comment” madness on my vinyal recard pendants are due to #hashtags. Tagging my favorite band, record, holiday or trending subject have been rewarding.

As of this week, I have 67 followers. I have had 4 sales this week on my etsy account from people I do not know! Yes, that is a huge deal! Friends and family have ordered from me, but to get a sale from a stranger!!! It is because we have something in common. Vinyl Records, Music, a dream concert, band or a memory of a music inspired moment.

Guitar Pick Necklace made from Vinyl Record – Drum

I’m excited to show you some newly made guitar pick necklaces I made from old scratched vinyl record. I then customized the hand made guitar pick with a drum set to give it an artistic timeless music inspired necklace.

There is so much history in a vinyl record. Some people call them an LP or a record, either way, the musical talent you hear from a turn table is amazing. There is no sound better that then sound of that needle hitting the lines. But what happens when that vinyl record is no longer playable? I have found a way to upcycle those records into unique jewelry designs.

I took a Moody Blues record and designed a custom necklace for a musician at heart. Each jewelry piece is handmade and decorated. There is no other guitar pick necklace like it! Where do I find these records? I have found them in several places. I have traded un-scratched vinyl records for scratched records. This is a great way to keep the vibrant country music, Christian music, Hawaiian music, classic rock or more in circulation. When I ask for a scratched LP, I get a strange look. I explain that I recycle or upcycle them into jewelry. What better way to preserve the history of a vinyl record that was once unusable! The process of making the record into a guitar pick is long, but well worth the result. Seeing a hand cut guitar pick made from a shiny vinyl record inspires me to make the next jewelry piece. Each guitar pick has unique lines, giving it texture and beauty. Whether you are a musician, mother of a band geek, groupie, superfan, lover of music or radio station personality, these guitar pick necklaces made from vinyl records are a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection. And, if you have a custom request, shoot me a message! I would be happy to design your next music inspired piece.

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pendant vinyl record pick drumm drumset vinyl record custom order guitar pick with pink accents on vinyl record

First Concert…

Anytime I have to answer a “secret question” on a log in page, I chuckle at “What was your first concert?”

I grew up in a small Montana town. We didn’t have concerts. We didn’t have much of anything but a JcPenny’s  catalog. The nearest town to go “shopping” for school clothes was 90 miles one way. The next closest shopping hub was Spokane Washington, about 31/2 hours one way. (Note: It is closer now, or the road is straighter, or we just drive faster than our parents did.)

We went to Spokane for just a few things – School Clothes, A Prom Dress, or someone had a doctor’s appointment. But, the time I went to my first concert, it was different.

I was in 8th grade. I was in a dance group – we were the “Uptown Girls”. We went to Spokane to dance for an event. If I remember right, there was a promoter there that we had met in Utah, and they asked us to come dance for an event. All I remember is we were outside…maybe a state fair or something similar. My brain is pretty certain this was when we went to the concert, but with my age, I could be melting several trips together.

Anyhow, my dad drove myself, my sister and a couple friends to Spokane for an Uptown Girls Event. Our parents splurged and we stayed the night at a fancy hotel. I say fancy, because it had a glass elevator. I will remember the name eventually, but right now, I see the elevator. We had just checked into our room, and we were getting all dolled up for the night. Someone planned well, and we had tickets to the show. I’m still not sure who paid for those. It is quite possible they were “gifted” to us for our dance show earlier that day. All I know, I was excited.

Now, here is what I remember about BEFORE the concert: We were in the lobby — myself, Trish and my sister. There may have been others, but that’s all I remember. As we were walking to the elevator to go up to our rooms, we notices some girls with great hair, makeup and sunglasses getting in the glass elevator. We hurried and joined them in the elevator.

Now, this was the beginning of a future of meeting some fantastic musicians. Yes, its true — the band we went to see, and “all girl band” was with us in the elevator! Or, were we with them? Either way, here we were, with nothing but a napkin and a pen. Wait, did we know it was them before we got on the elevator? Were we stalking them and were prepared with a napkin and a hotel pen? Why else did we have those supplies with us. Wow, I think we were trying to find them, and sure enough, they were staying in the same hotel as us! It was fancy, not surprised.

I said, hey, are you Michael? She answered, “Yes”. I said can I get your autograph?  We had them trapped in an elevator. I’m not sure how much of an option they had, three or more 8th/9th graders in an elevator with them. All of them, including Susan, signed the napkin. Wow, we met the band. Our first concert….on the elevator. We werer feeling fabulous.

Curling iron, Aqua Net, Ratting comb — we dolled ourselves up good. We were on the same floor as the band, so we wanted to make sure we looked like Rockstar’s ourselves.

I remember my dad dropping us off at the venue. We navigated to our seats. I’m not sure who opened for them…but I know we all walked like Egyptians. It was a fun filled night. After the show, we met my dad outside. He drove us back to the hotel. We roamed the halls waiting for the band to arrive, as we were thinking we were pretty cool and would meet them, or they would be waiting for us to ask us how we liked the show. . Ya, that didn’t happen . We spend the evening drinking soda and putting on a BLUE FACEMASK and snapping pictures. I now someone has some of those. Please share if you do. Damn, it was a great time.

So in a nutshell that was the show. That was the experience I remember. There were adults there, but all I remember is my dad . They may have all went to the bar in the lobby, because I am not sure where they were. All I know, is it was a fantastic experience and a glimpse to the future many years later.

What inspires you?

Well, I finally did it! A website/Blog. My friend and I have been talking about his for years. I could figure how I would have the time to “Blog” and really, who would fricking care anyway?

Something inspires me…what inspires you? Each day, that inspiration comes from a different source. Music has always been a main source of inspiration, not daily, but almost every day. Share your inspiration