What’s Brewing?

I had a busy summer! I spent my weekends at the Gold Bar Farmer’s Market. Sales were great, and most of all I made connections within our community.

I find the connects are what keep my business thriving. Many business cards given out resulted in sales. It also resulted in people contacting me about other markets, bazaars and ideas.

I am spending my weekend updating my etsy page. I have some great gift ideas for the “hard to shop for” person.

Now, to add to my mix, I am also selling Coffee and Tea. I am just getting in the swing of things and will be ramping up my stock so you can buy direct, as opposed to my website www.sistersjava.com – although, you are welcome to order from there!

I will be adding items that are not on my Sisters Java Page soon, like Infusers, tea pots & Mugs. I am wanting to do a special, where you purchase coffee/tea combo with a guitar pick necklace made from a vinyl record. Coffee and Music — Tea and Music — I am still working on the catch phrase.

Anyhow, I ambition is large, my time is small, and I appreciate your continued support. I will keep you abreast on upcoming events – you can also see those on my facebook pages: www.facebook.com/sistersjava   www.facebook.com/bebeannedesigns – head on over and give me a like!


Heirloom Traditional Paints

Wow, the summer is winding down! After a very HOT summer in the Pacific Northwest, we are finally getting some cooler weather. My summer was busy with Farmer’s Markets, travel and crafts! With all of that, I have an announcement.

Because I have so much spare time, I have decided to start selling Heirloom Traditional Paint! This is an amazing chalk like paint, perfect for small craft projects or major furniture rehab. My favorite thing about these paints , I don’t have to sand BEFORE applying! That’s right, I can put the paint right on top of whatever is already there! Whether mixing two colors together for a base, then layering with the 2 colors separate or  applying one color, the results are amazing! Heirloom Traditional Paints also has the gel wax for sealing

I have used clear gel wax in the past, but this line has different varieties of COLORED gel wax, making each piece as unique as you want it. Here are the wax colors that are available: Patina, Dark Umber, Jet Black, Barnwood, Clear, Muddy Pond & White Lime.

I am very excited to play with this added twist. I will be posting videos as I learn. I have done a few dressers, night stands, kitchen table, wood signs and a coffee table with these paints. I am hooked and ready to become more savoy and creative.

This opportunity to sell these Heirloom Traditional Paint’s is NEW, and right now, there is no fee to sign up to sell or buy at a discount yourself. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a consultant, I would love to learn with you.

Rock on!

Get your Silhouette Cameo 3 Vinyl cutter in a bundle pack!

Necklace made from vinyl records going crazy on instagram!

My posts of the necklaces I made from vinyl records are goin g CRAZY on instagram! My first post on instagram was 10 weeks ago. I was a little leary of why I would have an instagram page for a new business. I had questions like “What do I post?” and “how do I know if people are seeing this?” and the “how will this compute into sales?”.

I am still not sure how that is calculated still. But I do know that when I post a new necklace I designed from a vinyl record onto Instagram, my phone immediately starts showing me likes. Even better, those same people start liking some of my other posts.

My smart business social media sister, Blue Egg Photography, introduced me to some key instagram suggestions.

First of all, make sure there is a link to your Bebe Anne Designs Etsy Shop. If people are interested in pricing or in looking at more of your vinyl record jewelry items, you better give them a place to go to. The link, whether Etsy or another website, needs to be easy to find in your description. You cannot repeat this enough!

Second, never ever ever post a picture WITHOUT also adding a link or reference to another social media page, your square.com page, or your etsy page. If you look at my attached photos of vinyl record jewelry, you will see I have watermarked them with my etsy page. At first, I put my facebook page on everything. That was fine to do as long as my goal was to increase my presence on facebook. I found that most facebook users are on instagram for a different reason. Many do not have relatives or parents on their instagram page, so it seems to be a safe zone, or so they think. Oh, I haven’t shared my instagram hyper link yet — INSTAGRAM! (PS go follow me!)

When I first started connecting social media 10 weeks ago, I was at a loss trying to figure out how to get followers. I didn’t want followers I had to pay for, although I have had many offers come up! I wanted followers that enjoyed my style, my product and also inspired me. Hashtags are still HUGE. 99% of the “like” and “comment” madness on my vinyal recard pendants are due to #hashtags. Tagging my favorite band, record, holiday or trending subject have been rewarding.

As of this week, I have 67 followers. I have had 4 sales this week on my etsy account from people I do not know! Yes, that is a huge deal! Friends and family have ordered from me, but to get a sale from a stranger!!! It is because we have something in common. Vinyl Records, Music, a dream concert, band or a memory of a music inspired moment.