Heirloom Traditional Paints

Wow, the summer is winding down! After a very HOT summer in the Pacific Northwest, we are finally getting some cooler weather. My summer was busy with Farmer’s Markets, travel and crafts! With all of that, I have an announcement.

Because I have so much spare time, I have decided to start selling Heirloom Traditional Paint! This is an amazing chalk like paint, perfect for small craft projects or major furniture rehab. My favorite thing about these paints , I don’t have to sand BEFORE applying! That’s right, I can put the paint right on top of whatever is already there! Whether mixing two colors together for a base, then layering with the 2 colors separate or  applying one color, the results are amazing! Heirloom Traditional Paints also has the gel wax for sealing

I have used clear gel wax in the past, but this line has different varieties of COLORED gel wax, making each piece as unique as you want it. Here are the wax colors that are available: Patina, Dark Umber, Jet Black, Barnwood, Clear, Muddy Pond & White Lime.

I am very excited to play with this added twist. I will be posting videos as I learn. I have done a few dressers, night stands, kitchen table, wood signs and a coffee table with these paints. I am hooked and ready to become more savoy and creative.

This opportunity to sell these Heirloom Traditional Paint’s is NEW, and right now, there is no fee to sign up to sell or buy at a discount yourself. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a consultant, I would love to learn with you.

Rock on!

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