What’s Brewing?

I had a busy summer! I spent my weekends at the Gold Bar Farmer’s Market. Sales were great, and most of all I made connections within our community.

I find the connects are what keep my business thriving. Many business cards given out resulted in sales. It also resulted in people contacting me about other markets, bazaars and ideas.

I am spending my weekend updating my etsy page. I have some great gift ideas for the “hard to shop for” person.

Now, to add to my mix, I am also selling Coffee and Tea. I am just getting in the swing of things and will be ramping up my stock so you can buy direct, as opposed to my website www.sistersjava.com – although, you are welcome to order from there!

I will be adding items that are not on my Sisters Java Page soon, like Infusers, tea pots & Mugs. I am wanting to do a special, where you purchase coffee/tea combo with a guitar pick necklace made from a vinyl record. Coffee and Music — Tea and Music — I am still working on the catch phrase.

Anyhow, I ambition is large, my time is small, and I appreciate your continued support. I will keep you abreast on upcoming events – you can also see those on my facebook pages: www.facebook.com/sistersjava   www.facebook.com/bebeannedesigns – head on over and give me a like!


Holiday’s arriving soon!

Wow, this summer went FAST!  It is all a blur, but I will say it was a pretty successful summer as far as Bebe Anne Design’s goes!

I ventured out of my little shop, and set up at 2 markets in August. The first was an outdoor farmers market in Gold Bar Washington. This farmers market is new. A very motivated woman, with a lot of patience and spunk, decided to take on a huge commitment. A commitment to organize and set up vendors EVERY WEEKEND. I finally jumped on board in August. I was leery and unsure if the time I spent preparing and setting up would pay off. This market is outdoors, in a town that tends to be windy. And, if there is even a slightest chance of rain, it will show up in Gold Bar. But, regardless, I packed up my stuff and went to set up.

I found that this small town farmers market was great for many things (other than sales). Some vendors helped me set up my canopy, and other vendors gave pointers on how to keep my stuff from flying away.. Even better, each vendor came over to visit the “new” vendor and offer some insight. This was not a competition on who could sell the most but a group of people and vendors that wanted each to succeed. I received the “low down” on other markets and places to sell my jewelry. Many vendors heard I was going to be there, and came by to purchase gifts for their friends and family. And, there was live music.

As I sold my Bebe Anne Designs custom necklaces, I listened to the voice of a woman that was so pure and told story. Her name is Erin McNamee. She had several CD’s for sale. I figured once the farmers market slowed down, I would head over and purchase one. Time got the best of me, and before I knew it, she was at my booth with her parrot on her shoulder. She purchased an original necklace I made from a Vinyl Record. She told me shIe would be back later. When she returned, she came to purchase more necklaces for her friends. I offered to trade one of her CD’s for a necklace, and she accepted! Please take the time to head to her website  and listen to “… one of the purest voices you’ll hear in this city.” – Seattle Weekly. 

My second big adventure was the first week in September. The process started in August, when I submitted and was accepted to set up at the Urban Air  Market in Seattle, WA. I figured it was worth a shot. With much surprise, I was accepted to be a vendor and this first time event in Seattle. This is when I started to panic a bit. You see, I did not have the best booth set up design. With necklaces, I had a hard time displaying all of them so they were facing the customer. At the Gold Bar farmers market, I ended up laying most of them out on the table. It was the only way to give a good view to everyone. But it was awkward and very unorganized. Set up and tear down was a disaster and took way too much time. So, my first thought was GET ORGANIZED. I started looking for display cases. My second thought was GET SOME STOCK! It was time to get serious and get some new designs and necklaces made ASAP.

I shared both my excitement and my anxiety with a friend. She had set up in areas similar in the past, and her feed back was much invited. She offered to come with me, because in a Market of this size, you need at least 2 people , for many reasons. I didn’t think about leaving to use the bathroom and watching for people who like to walk away with items without stealing. I immediately accepted her help and starting getting ready for a plan. Much like the smaller market, the vendors were friendly. Most had WAY MORE items for sale and a much much larger display. There were lots of props, tables, signage….I could tell these vendors were serious, and it wasn’t just “extra” money for them.

Both of these markets were different in many ways. The fee for the farmer’s market was very low, $20. The fee for the Urban Air Market was high, $240. I knew I had to sell A LOT in Seattle just to pay for my vendor fee. The farmers market had fewer people attending. But, in the end the Farmers’s Market was much more profitable than the Urban Air Market. Not only because of the sales of the day, but because since that day, I have had other sales outside of the market, because they saw my items either at the market or on posts about the market.

I am told, either one could be a different story on any given day. It is all depends on the crowd that is strolling by. I will definitely plan better next year. I have attempted to get signed on with local Christmas Bazaars, but they are no longer taking vendors. But, I know I will plan my summer accordingly to participate in more local farmers markets. And, Etsy is working for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I will continue to keep that updated with my newest designs.

Oh, there is more too …. but I will save that for the next blog. In the mean time, check out www.LikeAStorm.com –– that is your hint

Guitar Pick Necklace made from Vinyl Record – Drum

I’m excited to show you some newly made guitar pick necklaces I made from old scratched vinyl record. I then customized the hand made guitar pick with a drum set to give it an artistic timeless music inspired necklace.

There is so much history in a vinyl record. Some people call them an LP or a record, either way, the musical talent you hear from a turn table is amazing. There is no sound better that then sound of that needle hitting the lines. But what happens when that vinyl record is no longer playable? I have found a way to upcycle those records into unique jewelry designs.

I took a Moody Blues record and designed a custom necklace for a musician at heart. Each jewelry piece is handmade and decorated. There is no other guitar pick necklace like it! Where do I find these records? I have found them in several places. I have traded un-scratched vinyl records for scratched records. This is a great way to keep the vibrant country music, Christian music, Hawaiian music, classic rock or more in circulation. When I ask for a scratched LP, I get a strange look. I explain that I recycle or upcycle them into jewelry. What better way to preserve the history of a vinyl record that was once unusable! The process of making the record into a guitar pick is long, but well worth the result. Seeing a hand cut guitar pick made from a shiny vinyl record inspires me to make the next jewelry piece. Each guitar pick has unique lines, giving it texture and beauty. Whether you are a musician, mother of a band geek, groupie, superfan, lover of music or radio station personality, these guitar pick necklaces made from vinyl records are a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection. And, if you have a custom request, shoot me a message! I would be happy to design your next music inspired piece.

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