Java Momma – Tea Coffee & More

I did it!!!! I am now selling Coffee & Loose leaf tea!! The official kick off isn’t until the first week of October, but I did it!!! Having a loose leave tea outlet and a way to sell it, combined in one!

I have officially joined with Java Momma. I joined because I LOVE LOVE tea, and I love coffee! But I also joined because for a limited time, I was able to join by ordering a sample pack  for only $5!! That opportunity will go away on October 1st 2017. Now, there are other kits that can be ordered, but I can always get another one later.

Once I have my website, I will share it! You can order coffee or tea (and I hear Cocoa) just in time for the holidays. What a wonderful gift! But, if you chose to, you can sign up and sell for yourself for “just the discount” or to resell for profit! Just add Bridgett Edgar as your sponsor, so I can mentor you as I am being mentored by my leader. Then, you can SHARE WITH OTHERS!

If you want more information, you can join my group on facebook at Java Sisters. This will give you all the latest up to date information on products, shipping, marketing, blends and more. 21430400_10207694896050224_1771584962048311763_n